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    From Old to Gold: Discover Gilding's Allure with Strand Hardware's Gilt Cream

    From Old to Gold: Discover Gilding's Allure with Strand Hardware's Gilt Cream

    Gilding, an exquisite form of artistry, has not seen widespread use in South Africa in recent years. The scarcity of knowledge and limited access to gilding products have contributed to this decline. Strand Hardware is here to provide a solution that will rekindle your passion for this beautiful finishing art.

    Unlocking the Magic of Gilt Cream:

    At the heart of gilding's revival is a remarkable product known as gilt cream. This rich, wax-like paste is infused with metallic pigments, creating a stunning finish no matter where it is applied. Whether you're working on new or old wood and metal surfaces, gilt cream offers limitless creative possibilities.

    Enhancing Protection and Lustre:

    One of the unique qualities of gilt cream is its compatibility with a wax finish. Applying a protective wax coating ensures longevity and enhances the lustre of your gilded creation, giving it a timeless appeal.

    From Old to Gold:

    Imagine turning weathered, wooden picture frames or mirrors into something truly magnificent. Gilt cream possesses a magical ability to make them appear beautifully aged and uniquely charming. Moreover, even a brand-new frame can acquire the charm of a time-worn antique with the application of gilt cream.

    Achieving Spectacular Results:

    Gilding doesn't have to be an overly complex process. With just a few basic steps and some patience, you can embark on a spectacular project that will leave you in awe of your own craftsmanship.

    All You Need, All in One Place:

    Strand Hardware has your gilding needs covered. From the initial base coat to the finishing touches, you'll find all the products required for your project under one roof. Our goal is to make your gilding journey as convenient as possible.

    Unleash Your Creativity:

    The beauty of gilding lies in its versatility. Your project can take on various personalities, from a classic solid finish to an aged, worn look. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

    Affordable Elegance:

    You might have considered purchasing pre-gilded mirrors or picture frames, only to be deterred by their high price tags and rarity. The good news is that you can achieve the same level of elegance at a fraction of the cost with Strand Hardware's gilt cream. Plus, a single pot can be used for multiple projects, making gilding not just a creative pursuit but also a budget-friendly one.


    Gilding is an art form that can transform the ordinary into something extraordinary. With Strand Hardware's gilt cream, South Africans can rediscover the joy of gilding, regardless of their level of experience. Let your creativity shine and embark on a gilding journey that will leave you with stunning, one-of-a-kind creations. Visit Strand Hardware today and let the magic of gilding enrich your artistic endeavours.

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