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    Olfa Safety Knife Tape Slitter

    R165,00 incl VAT
    The OLFA line of safety cutters represents the finest quality self-retracting knives available. The OLFA SK-9 Self-Retracting Safety Knife with Tape Slitter, is a versatile, heavy-duty safety cutter engineered to provide a lifetime of outstanding performance and safe operation. All components of the SK-9 are extremely durable. With an ultra-tough ABS Plastic Handle, and a blade slide that is gently curved. The SK-9 is designed for a comfortable grip. The back side of the SK-9 also features a finger groove to help securely hold the knife. An outstanding safety feature of the SK-9 is the self-retracting blade mechanism. The spring-loaded blade self-retracts into the handle the instant it loses contact with the material being cut. Users can select right or left-handed operation with a simple 180-degree flip of the blade. The blade channel and blade retraction spring system are designed with high-quality stainless steel, to eliminate rust and maintain spring tension. Another innovative feature of the SK-9 is the rounded metal tip that can serve as a tape slitter, screwdriver, staple remover, and more. A safe alternative to improperly using the blade on this cutter in the blade for these applications. In addition, the versatile SK-9 safety cutter can use 3 distinctly different blades, allowing for a wide range of applications. The dual-edged trapezoid OLFA blade is used for cutting cardboard, paper, and other packaging materials. It can also cut through dense materials like rubber belting, hosing, and more. The rounded tip dual-edged safety blade is widely used for opening corrugate cardboard containers. The blade is designed to prevent damage to the contents of a package while preventing puncture-related injuries. The OLFA hook blade offers numerous applications. Such as cutting shrink wrap or palette wrap, nylon banding, pressure-sensitive tapes, poly film, and electrical insulation. With the SK-9, changing blades is safe, simple and requires no tools: While securely holding the cutter, move the blade slide forward until the cross tabs align with the slots in the blade channel. Then lift the tab and carefully rotate the blade end to end. Or dispose of the blade in a container that’s approved by your facility. Slide the new blade into the blade channel until the hole in the blade aligns with the slots in the channel. Then, position the blade slide so the cross tabs fit into the slots in the channel, and the pin on the slide connects with the hole in the blade.

    Olfa Blade For Knife Xa1+Abb 9mm

    R107,00 incl VAT
    This standard-duty multipurpose knife is part of the X Design Series™, a powerful line of anti-slip grip cutting tools combining exceptional performance with innovation. Features an automatic blade lock, cushion grip for maximum comfort and control, and a heavy gauge stainless steel blade channel that holds blade tight. Chemical resistant handle for easy cleaning. Includes a pocket clip for convenience, and the premium, ExcelBlack ultra sharp durable snap-off blade which is 25% sharper than OLFA AB blades. Easy, tool-free blade change for convenience You'll feel in complete control when you use this OLFA® rubber-grip utility knife. The wraparound, anti-slip grip and curved finger stop are designed to give you better control. Plus, the handle is chemically resistant to paint and MRO environments. Use the knife to cut packaging, shrink wrap, vinyl, window film, wallpaper, caulking or foam board and other materials.

    Olfa Mount Board Mat Cut & Non Slip

    R908,00 incl VAT
    The OLFA Deluxe mat cutter comes with a dedicated ruler which makes it easier to cut mat board. Edges are smoothly and preci- sely angled at 45° degrees. To enable clean quality cuts, the new MC-45/DX has a grooved ruler for engaging the cutter and a spring loaded slider that adjusts blade extension in two stages to the thickness of the matting. No experience is needed to be good. The MC-45/DX is far easier to use than earlier model and conventional mat cutter. Suggested cutting objects: matting board, cardboard, balsa wood, polystyrene sheets, etc. Package includes a ruler and 2 spare blades.

    Olfa Blades Medium 12.5mm

    R91,50 incl VAT
    This pack of 10 silver snap-off blades is a lifesaver when you're busy working on a project. Simply insert a blade in your OLFA® knife, and you've got 130 more blade edges to work with. The blades are designed to cut through packaging, shrink wrap, vinyl, window film, wallpaper, caulking, foam board and other materials.

    Olfa Cutter Compass CMP-1

    R139,00 incl VAT
    You'll use this OLFA® circle cutter on a variety of craft projects, from model making to photography, scrapbooks and signs. The cutter is ideal for cutting paper, film, acetates, cardboard and light wood. Standard-duty circle cutter. Perfect for crafts, model making, photography and sign making. Cuts circles of 1cm to 15cm in diameter. Blades and spike covered by a safety case that contains 5 spare COB-1 blades and round rubber pad.