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    Soldering & Wood Burning

    We have a wide selection of Soldering irons and wood burning kits that will get all your project done the right way. With a great Soldering iron and wood bruning tool kit your project will be completed with ease.

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    Dremel Versatip

    R1 050,00 incl VAT
    Dremel Versatip

    Weller Micro Torch Hot Blower SH41 4mm

    R64,00 incl VAT
    Torch, Weller® ML200 Magna-Lite Butane Powered Table Top

    Weller Solder Gun Tip 7135 For 81009200UC

    R185,00 incl VAT
    Weller Solder Gun Tip 7135 For 81009200UC

    Weller Solder Iron 120W

    Call for pricing
    Weller Solder Iron 120W

    Weller Solder Iron 80W

    R1 395,50 incl VAT
    Weller Solder Iron 80W

    Weller Solder Iron SI-175D 200W

    R2 041,00 incl VAT
    Weller Solder Iron SI-175D 200W

    Weller Stainglass Hobby Kit No.2 80W 230V

    R1 340,00 incl VAT
    Weller Stainglass Hobby Kit No.2 80W 230V

    Weller Std Soldering Gun 920C 100W/220V

    R1 580,00 incl VAT

    Weller Thermoboost Solder Gun 30W-130W

    R950,00 incl VAT
    Weller Thermoboost Solder Gun 30W-130W

    Dremel Soldering Tip Versa Tip/Flam 201

    Call for pricing
    Dremel Soldering Tip Versa Tip/Flam 201

    Ingco Cordless Soldering Iron 20V

    R300,00 incl VAT
    The Ingco Cordless Soldering Iron works with a single Ingco 20V Battery. You can take this Compact Soldering Iron anywhere you need to get the job done.

    Robert Sorby Pyrography Machine (Peter Child Edition)

    Call for pricing
    The Artist’s PETER CHILD Pyrography Machine is widely regarded as the machine of choice by many professionals. Powerful enough to create dense textures and patterns, its slim, light and comfortable to use pen design also delivers the perfect balance for the finest detail work - making it an ideal choice for the novice too. As you would expect from a machine manufactured by Robert Sorby, the build quality and attention to detail is of the highest standard. Features and Benefits: • Slim, light and comfortable pen design • Perfect for precise detailed work • Cool running handle for comfort • Warms from cold in 2 seconds • Excellent reliability • Incredible durability Each pyrography machine contains a pen, a meter length of 25 standard wire gauge (SWG) to make your own points, six spare nickel-chromium nibs (five standard points in 25 SWG and one spoon point in heavier 24 SWG) and a handy 12-page manual full of ideas. PLEASE NOTE: Robert Sorby manufactures two versions of the machine, only differentiated by colour and voltage.

    Stanley Soldering Iron 30W

    R210,00 incl VAT
    Used to resolder IC's and small light metal parts

    Stanley Soldering Iron 45W

    R245,00 incl VAT
    This tool is used for soldering work and joining light metals that use solder

    Weller Woodburning And Hobby Kit

    R1 160,00 incl VAT
    The Weller wood burning kit is great, it has all the tips you will need to start doing your projects. It is easy to use and to replace the tips .

    Soldering & Wood Burning

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