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    Ryobi Metal Inert Gas Welder 180Amp

    R6 850,00 incl VAT R7 800,00 incl VAT
    Powerful yet flexible gas/gasless MIG welder with burn back control IGBT multi-process inverter technology provides stable arc and reliable performance Suitable for general site use, automotive repairs, and more accurate fabrication Multiple power settings for accurate welding power control Set includes 3m MIG torch, 2.5m earth clamp, and gas hose

    Toolmate 6" Jointer With Closed Stand

    R14 995,00 incl VAT R19 799,00 incl VAT
    Front table is adjustable to allow cuts of up to 12mm deep when planning rebates. The back table is also adjustable and is an easy way to eliminate any snipe when installing new blades. The solid cast iron fence can be tilted up to 45⁰ and can be moved across the whole cutter head width. A positive locking device on the fence ensures complete rigidity. A 100 mm dust port is mounted on the bottom of the stand and we recommend that a dust extractor is used with this machine.

    Toolmate Mini Dust Extractor Wall Mounted TMDCB230m

    R3 500,00 incl VAT R4 700,00 incl VAT
    Although this is a small, quiet running extractor it has enough power to extract dust and wood debris from many small woodwork machines eg saws and planers. The inlet diameter is 100mm(4"), the outlet into the bag is 100mm(4") and the airflow is sufficient to handle the majority of waste likely to be produced in the small home workshop. A useful feature is that it is fitted with castors and a grab handle for easy movement around the shop. It can be used either on the floor or suspended from a sturdy wall using the two hanging brackets provided. Please note that this is a chippings extractor and should not be expected to collect every particle of fine dust. As with all the high volume low pressure airflow machines, the inlet should not be restricted to below 75mm diameter and the bag should be emptied regularly. NB). Supplied without any 100 mm extractor pipes or clamps needed for connecting to a woodworking machine.

    Toolmate Pro Air Filter 1/9Hp 15

    R3 500,00 incl VAT R4 750,00 incl VAT
    An optional charcoal filter is available, which will neutralise odours and harmful organic fumes or particles including pollen. Another optional accessory is a handy ceiling mounting kit consisting of 4 lengths of flexible stainless steel wire with screw eyes and bolt up crimps allows the machine to be positioned out of the way. Supplied with an electrostatic pre-filter, main filter and 4 mounting eyes. It needs a secure mounting capable of holding a 25kg static load, at least 2m off the ground. The machine runs reasonably quietly with noise levels of speed 1: 61dB, speed 2: 62dB, and speed 3: 64dB.

    Toolmate Pro Thicknesser Planer 410S 16" Straight Blade

    R49 900,00 incl VAT R73 150,00 incl VAT
    16" PLANER & THICKNESS ONE PIECE SWING UP TABLE STYLE 3000W Main Features * New series Planer Thicknesser with Parallel Table Lift * Fast and easy changeover from Planning to thickness for improved workflow. * Fitted with super high-quality HSS blades as standard.

    Toolmate Pro Electr V.S Wood Lathe TDI 2242 2200W

    R32 000,00 incl VAT R49 950,00 incl VAT
    The Toolmate Pro TMPEWLB2242 has a magnetic control box you can position anywhere on the lathe. This unit has an electronic inverter variable speed with a Taiwan Delta brand inverter. It has a two belt ratio for a high torque when turning a larger diameter of wood. The Toolmate Pro wood lathe has a digital speed display on the head-stock and you can quickly change belt settings. This unit is constructed out of cast iron for high stability and vibration free running. You have 36 indexing positions and forward reverse running function.

    Toolmate Dual Bag Dust Extractor FM300S

    R6 800,00 incl VAT R9 800,00 incl VAT
    This Toolmate dual bag dust extractor has a 2.0Kw motor with large capacity collection bags. This Toolamate dust collector has triple 100 mm hose inlets that will handle industrial projects. The top cloth bags of the dust collector acts as the filter while the two lower plastic bags collect the coarse dust and chippings from your planer or saw. It will also cut down on dust in the air. Base is fitted with castors to enable easy movement around the workshop. The Toolmate FM300S dual bag dust extractor bag size is 500 mm x 1200mm (785 x 1200 when flat) This Toolmate dust collector is not supplied with any 100 mm extractor pipes or clamps needed for connecting to a woodworking machine.

    Toolmate Disc Sander 300mm DS12

    R4 500,00 incl VAT R6 389,00 incl VAT
    A good value-for-money disc sander which will be a great asset in any hobbyist's workshop. The item is merely pressed against the revolving disc and a perfectly flat end can be quickly created in this manner. The 300mm disc is driven by a quiet 750W induction motor and any grit sandpaper can be fitted to it by means of spray-on self adhesive glue. Tip!Self adhesive discs can easily be removed complete with their glue by gently warming with a hot air gun before removing. There is also a brake in the form of a lever that you press to bring the disc to a quick stop. The cast iron sanding table is provided with a slot for the adjustable mitre fence, used for end grain sanding. The table tilts from -15⁰ to +45° and is firmly locked in position with heavy duty handles at both ends. The righ half of the disc is covered to prevent accidents. Dust can be extracted from the bottom of the disc via a shroud which ends in a 63mm diameter outlet. A 450mm length of flexible hose is provided with the machine; this has a 60mm diameter sleeve at the end which will connect directly to an extractor. Designed to be placed on a standard height table or workbench.

    Toolmate Lathe Wood V.S 12X18'' 550W

    R6 500,00 incl VAT R9 500,00 incl VAT
    The Toolmate lathe is constructed from cast iron and includes a powerful 550W universal motor with electronic speed control that provides full torque at all speeds. Dial a slow speed for larger pieces and faster speeds for spindles and fine finishing. The 3-belt positions adjust from 650RPM to 3800RPM. Fitted with a digital screen to show the spindle speed.

    Toolmate Pro Horizontal/Vertical Sander TMPHVSB90

    R14 600,00 incl VAT R21 100,00 incl VAT
    The Toolmate Pro Horizontal and vertical sander is a great addition to any woodworkers shop. A oscillating belt for scratch-free sanding and prolonged belt life, graphite plate under the sanding paper for better performance. Precision ground, cast iron table easy to adjust for height. A smooth, powerful 2200W TEFC induction motor provides sufficient power. The end table provided for curvature work and large side fence to support small workpieces. The mitre fence in T-slot rail for accurate mitering work a large cupboard in the base for the storage of spare belts etc. IT has a 100mm dust outlet port.

    Toolmate Pro Spindle Sander TMPSSB326 With Stand

    R5 200,00 incl VAT R6 900,00 incl VAT
    The Toolmate Pro bobbin sander is very useful when it comes to creating curves, shapes and also finishing small work pieces. The motor is slow running so as not to burn your work. Dust extraction is through a 50mm port on the rear and should be connected to a suitable dust extractor.

    Toolmate Pro Floor Standing Morticer TMPFSMB25

    R14 800,00 incl VAT R21 300,00 incl VAT
    The Toolmate Pro FSMB25 is an accurate and easy-to-use mortising machine for parts that fit at right angles. The closed cabinet helps keep the machine sturdy and provides storage for your bits.

    Matair Compressor 100L

    R8 400,00 incl VAT R10 500,00 incl VAT
    BELT DRIVE COMPRESSOR - 100 LITRE SINGLE STAGE Suitable for craftsmen who need a compressor for professional use Piston compressor three-cylinder 90°W placed single stage Splash lubrication, forced ventilation, cast iron cylinder, steel valve plate and steel valves Overload protection of electric motor with manual reset ON/OFF pressure Switch Pressure reducer with two cocks Condensate drain cock Ball line cock

    Ryobi Metal Arc Inverter Welder 200Amp

    R2 950,00 incl VAT R3 250,00 incl VAT
    Powerful, lightweight, and easy to use MMA inverter welder with variable Amperage of 20-200A, with regulated DC power output 80% duty cycle with thermal overload protection, anti-stick protection Set includes 1.5m electrode holder, 1.5m earth clamp, welding mask, chipping hammer, and wire brush

    Martlet Drill Press MMJ500DP 500

    R2 900,00 incl VAT R3 450,00 incl VAT

    Martlet Scroll Saw 400mm 120W

    R3 450,00 incl VAT R3 999,00 incl VAT

    Matair Compressor 50L

    R3 200,00 incl VAT R4 215,00 incl VAT
    1.5KW 2HP 220V. Features: - Single cylinder, single stage compressor - Lubricated coaxial compressor perfect for DIY use - Piston with compression rings with quick settings - Overload protection of electric motor with manual reset

    Toolmate Single Bag Dust Extractor FM300

    R5 800,00 incl VAT R7 400,00 incl VAT
    This Toolmate single bad dust collector is the ideal dust collector for home or light industrial use. The 125 mm inlet splits in 2 x 100mm outlets-ideal to use on 2 machines simultaneously. The top cloth bag acts as the filter whilst the lower plastic bag collects the coarse dust and chippings. Coupled to your planer or saw it will remove all solid material and will also cut down on dust in the air. Base castors aid movement around the workshop. Bag dia is 500 mm x 1200mm. (785 x 1200 when flat) Supplied without any 100 mm pipes or clamps needed for connecting to a woodworking machine.

    Toolmate Lathe 12" Variable Speed (Wood)

    R2 900,00 incl VAT R4 000,00 incl VAT
    This small bench-top lathe is ideal for pen making. It also has the capacity to turn bowls up to 8"(200mm) in diameter and the between centre distance is 12"(305mm) Spindle thread is the standard 1" x 8tpi so a small chuck can also be fitted to it. We recommend that you use the Jet chuck which is 65mm in diameter. Any chuck bigger than that may put unnecessary strain on the head-stock bearings. The head-stock and tail-stock both have a no 1 morse taper hole, so attachments like head-stock and tail-stock centers must all be no 1 MT. The electronically variable speed is adjusted by means of a pod on the front of the lathe so it will also be an ideal lathe for model makers and the like. It is supplied without a stand and can be mounted on any sturdy table. Accessories include a tool rest, a small face-plate as well as drive-and-tail-stock centers.

    Toolmate Lathe 18" (Wood)

    R4 800,00 incl VAT R6 150,00 incl VAT
    On this mini sized Toolmate wood lathe you will be able to turn bowls of up to 10"(250mm) dia and table legs up to 18"(450mm) long. The five speeds range from 500 to 3150 RPM and is easily adjustable via belt changes. The tail-stock is also hollow, which will enable the operator to drill holes right through objects like lamp stands etc. The lathe is also easily transportable which makes it the ideal machine to take to shows. The 2 MT in the head and tail-stock will also accommodate attachments like pen mandrills, chucks etc. It is sold without a stand so any sturdy table will serve as a stand.(clamp or screw down to comply to safety rules)

    Toolmate 16" Scroll Saw Variable Speed

    R1 700,00 incl VAT R2 289,00 incl VAT
    The Toolmare 16" Scroll Saw is a smooth scroll saw with a top position quick tension knob. Adjusting the tilt of the saw table is quick and easy,

    Toolmate Thicknesser Planer 318mm

    R5 900,00 incl VAT R7 850,00 incl VAT
    The Toolmate thicknesser planer has 2 straight blades 318MM (12.5") that will give you a perfect plane every time. The Toolmate thickness planer has a circuit breaker rest and 2 carry handles to make moving it around in your workshop hassle-free. This thickness planer has an aluminum base and a stainless steel feeding table. The blades can be reversible to give you extra value out of the blades. This unit comes with a dust port. DUST PORT. SPARES AND BACKUP SERVICE ARE AVAILABLE FOR ALL TOOLMATE PRODUCTS.


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