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    Epoxy Resin Slow Cast

    High quility epoxy resin the slow cast will give you a clear end product. This epoxy resin is great for casting almost anything you put your mind to. The Toolmate epoxy resin is enviroment friendly.

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    Toolmate Epoxy Resin And Hardener 1L Clear Slow Casting

    R500,00 incl VAT
    TMT SLOW CASTING RESIN Our two-part slow casting epoxy is the perfect product for River tables, crack filling, chopping boards, breadboards, jewellery and so much more. What makes this product so amazing is that it is UV stable. It allows you to pour high thicknesses without colour change when pigments are added. You are able to obtain high clarity, good brightness and colourless. It has excellent impact resistance and thermal shock. Sets at room temperature and is almost odourless. It also does not get hot when mixed. Important to remember that it is slightly blush in thickness. I always recommend that you use the release agent in all moulds. We have a large verity of colour pigments to choose from, to mention a few: white, black, violet and ultra translucent blue. We also have metal powder fillers like copper, brass, zinc and then best of all glow in the dark Blue and Green powders. Mixing ratio 100g / 42g so a digital scale is required. Safety: always wear safety glasses and gloves and a well-ventilated area.

    Toolmate 5L Clear Slow Cast Epoxy Resin

    R2 445,00 incl VAT
    The Toolmate Slow casting resin is UV Resistant and gives you a great super clear cast. Ideal for the casting of river tables and much more. The product does not need to be poured in layers to get to your desired thickness.

    Pro Bond Epoxy Base And Pro Bond Activator

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    Pro Bond Epoxy Base And Pro Bond Activator