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    Stanley Surform Shaver 7-1/4

    R106,00 incl VAT
    Compact and lightweight polypropylene molded body Curved blade handy and efficient for stock removal Sidecut teeth in blade useful for shaving in corners Works on the pull stroke Simple, click-on blade replacement Use replacement blade 21-515

    Stanley Putty Knife 75mm

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    Features & Benefits: Stanley 0-28-205 - Putty Knife with Rubber Handle, 75mm Flexible polished blade Plastic handle

    Stanley Bow Saw Blade 300mm

    R60,00 incl VAT
    This Bow Saw Blade 300mm blade length Saw blades made from high-quality, cold-rolled steel Teeth are hardened for long life and added durability

    Stanley Coping Sawblades 10T - 4 Pack

    R105,00 incl VAT
    Strong, flexible, and long lasting

    Stanley Coping Sawblades 20T - 4 Pack

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    Strong, flexible, and long lasting

    Stanley Half Round Surform Blade

    R91,00 incl VAT
    Will fit 21-122, 21-29521-296 and 21-203 For fast stock removal and shaping curved surfaces Will fit all 250mm surform frames Adapts to SURFORM, 21-122 file plane, 21-295 flat plane, 21-297 standard plane and the 21-103 plane

    Stanley Kit 07: 1 3/4 Bailey Lever/Screw

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    This equipment is used for replacing the lever and screw on your hand planer

    Stanley Mini Multi-Tool

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    Hardened and tempered tools for long life Modern slick polished look Combination pliers - saw - Knife - flathead screwdriver "Phillips" - a flathead screwdriver 3 mm - can opener, file An ideal tool for everyday use

    Stanley Putty Knife

    R98,00 incl VAT
    putty Knife is used to put putty evenly along with window replacements and most putty sealing work

    Stanley Razor Blade Scraper

    Call for pricing
    Brass push button Supplied with 11-515 rectangular blade Retractable blade for safety in between periods of use Heavy duty professional quality for long life For removal of paint, glue and debris Replacement blades 0-28-510 and 1-11-515

    Stanley Spare Tube Cut Wheels Set

    R90,00 incl VAT
    These wheels are used to replace a tube/pipe cutter

    Stanley Surform Finecut Blade

    R106,00 incl VAT
    FEATURES For fine finishes on hardwood, end grain and some soft metals 5-21-393 fits 21-103, 21-122 and 21-295, 21-296 Can be used as a replacement blade on 21-399 Surform® Pocket Plane

    Stanley Surform Round Blade

    R160,00 incl VAT
    Fitsthe round SURFORM file plane (21-207) Will fit 21-297 250mm round blade for enlarging holes and shaping tight curved surfaces

    Kreg Foreman Pocket Hole Electric

    Call for pricing
    The Kreg Foreman is easy to use. One pull of the handle starts the motor, clamps your workpiece, and drills perfect pocket holes for your projects.

    Kreg Jig K4 Master System Kit

    R3 500,00 incl VAT
    The Kreg Jig K4 Kit is a wonderful system for all woodworking enthusiast.

    Rockler Bench Cookie Sawhorse Clips

    Call for pricing
    Sawhorses are incredibly practical when you need a lightweight, portable work surface, but if you've used them much, you know that workpieces tend to rattle around and get scratched while you saw, rout and sand. With the Bench Cookie® Plus Sawhorse Clips, that's no longer a problem. Simply slip the clips over your sawhorses, spin your Bench Cookies® Plus on, and you have a no-mar, no-slip work surface that is easily resizeable for any workpiece. The grip is so secure, it's almost like having a fully equipped workbench with dog holes and a vice. Plus, you can slip some Bench Cookie. Finishing Cones, on for an ideal finishing surface with no worries about dripping stain on your nice workbench.

    Rockler Bench Cookie Cone 4Pk

    Call for pricing
    Lift, grip, protect and finish your project with Bench Cookie® Work Grippers and Bench Cookie® Finishing Cones! Rockler Bench Cookie® Finishing Cones lift your project off your bench with minimal surface contact, keeping it stable during the entire finishing process! Custom sized to fit snugly over the incredibly popular Rockler Bench Cookie® Work Grippers. Team a set of Bench Cookie® Finishing Cones with a set of Bench Cookie® Work Grippers for a fail-safe project finishing system. Includes: 4 x Bench Cookie® Finishing Cones


    R210,00 incl VAT
    This Marking Knife for crisp, clean marks When you need to Draws a much finer line than an awl or pencil. here's the perfect knife for the job. The double grind makes it the perfect left hand or right hand tool to keep the cut absolutely tight to your rule.

    Marathon 4 Piece Wood Chisel Set

    R275,00 incl VAT
    Marathon Tools offer quality tools and great value for money.

    Robert Sorby Bevel Edge 1/8" Chisel Boxwood

    Call for pricing
    The Robert Sorby 166 Bevel Edge Chisel with Boxwood Carving Handle is a traditional style with a parallel brass ferrule. Fitted with a parallel leather washer.

    Ryobi Brush Wire

    Call for pricing
    Used to clean access welding, braai grids and many more.

    Ryder Adjustable Bevel 260mm

    Call for pricing
    The brass inserts at the top and bottom of the handle protect's it from knocks. The adjustable blade allows you to mark out preset angles or transfer angles from one workpiece to another. The slot in the blade offers plenty of adjustment to the length of the blade. A brass wing nut simplifies the setting of the bevel and locks the blade securely at the desired angle.

    Ryder Graduated Square 8''/200mm

    Call for pricing
    The graduated square is precision ground and blade hardened. The beams and blade are ground for parallelism. The accuracy is less than 0.001" deviation per inch over the entire length of the blade. Extremely useful for setting up workshop equipment.

    Marathon Pick-Up Tube Magnetic With Led Light 2.2kg

    R119,00 incl VAT
    Marathon Tools Magnetic Pick up Tube with an Led Light that work with a battery.

    Marathon Pincer Carpenters 180mm

    R93,00 incl VAT
    Marathon Tools is made for the professional. Mainly used in carpentry for pulling and cutting nails, staples and clips.

    Marathon Pipe Cutter Copper 16mm

    R56,00 incl VAT
    Marathon Tools Copper Pipe Cutter 16mm

    Marathon Pipe Cutter Copper 3-28mm

    R95,00 incl VAT
    Marathon Tools Pipe Cutter is suitable for cutting steel, copper and aluminum tubing.

    Bosch Spray Gun PFS3000-2 650W 300ml/min

    Call for pricing
    Goodbye brushes – fast and even coats on textured surfaces and edges 650 W motor makes painting very fast and easy Applies paint quickly at 2 m²/min for medium to large indoor and outdoor jobs A large 1,000-ml paint container saves time by minimizing refills on the job paint spray system: Sprays wall paint, glaze, or varnish on wood or metal Paint is finely atomized for even coats on all surfaces without drips

    Milescraft Grabber Pro

    R1 076,00 incl VAT
    Grabber PRO is the ultimate adjustable push block. Ideal for use on table saws, router tables, jointers, and even band saws

    Bosch Brush Brass Coated 10mm PRR250ES

    Call for pricing
    BOSCH PRR250ES BRUSH BRASS COATED 10MM Brush (brass-coated) Removing rust from and cleaning metal surfaces and edges, wrought-iron fences, ornaments

    Bosch Multitool 12 In 1 Green

    Call for pricing
    BOSCH MULTITOOL 12 IN 1 is an amazingly versatile piece of equipment, offering a world of uses in one compact tool. Simple to use and hand-actuated, with just one implement you'll be able to utilize pliers, knives, screwdrivers, bottle openers, can openers, files, and wire cutters. A whole range of simple DIY tasks can be covered in an instant, without the need for an entire tool bag.

    Toolmate Multi-Functional Angle Positioning Ruler 12"

    R295,00 incl VAT
    The Multi-functional Angle Positioning Ruler is a great all-around tool for any shop to have.

    Toolmate Concealed Hinge Drilling Jig 35mm

    R395,00 incl VAT
    The hole position is accurate, with no need to draw lines, and suitable for a 35mm hinge With this drill guide, you can drill hinge holes conveniently and fast Made of high-quality engineering plastic. This hinge-hole drill guide is durable. This is a set of drill guide tools used for convenient hinge hole drilling

    Toolmate Mini Hand Sanding Tool

    R385,00 incl VAT
    Function: 1. A hand sandpaper holder, which can be used together with Sandpaper for easy operation and good practicality. 2. Aluminum alloy: the sandpaper holder is made of aluminum alloy, is lightweight, corrosion and wear-resistant, and has a long service life. 3. Operating effect: can be used with sanding papers of different grits, the smaller the grit, the sharper the grinding, the larger the grit, the smoother the polishing. 4. Labor saving: the holder has an ergonomic design, the curved handle is comfortable and non-slip, reduces labor fatigue and ensures efficient operation. 5. Wide application: widely used in woodworking projects and furniture processing, etc. for grinding and polishing wood products and metals, etc. NB: Sandpaper is sold separately.

    Toolmate Mini W/Working Deburring Scrapper

    R290,00 incl VAT
    Premium Material: The main body is made of aluminum alloy, which is wear-resistant, practical, and has a long service life. The blade is made of nano-grade cemented carbide, which has high hardness Portable Design: Disposable small scraper for quick deburring, it can easily be carried in your tool pouch. The 4-sided carbide Insert can be rotated or replaced and never needs to sharpen again, the small scraper can for quick deburring and Glue.

    Toolmate Portable Round Hole Punch Tool

    R240,00 incl VAT
    Single-Hole Punch, This one-hole punch is designed for paper and PVC materials. It can make a clean 5/16-inch round hole. The recommended material thickness is 0.06in/1.5MM for PVC material, 0.098in/2.5MM for paper material, 0.078in/2.0MM for leather material, and a maximum of 15-20 sheets of A4 paper can be punched once. Multi-functional Hole Punch Set] This badge hole punch is suitable for paper, cardboard, photos, business cards, ID cards, bank cards, membership cards, tickets, tags, badges, PVC packaging hard plastic bags, etc. It is also great for homes, offices, woodworking, and more. Hole Puncher-Fix Hole Position The scale is fixed at the hole position, it is very convenient to punch holes, and you can punch holes accurately without measuring. You can adjust the punching position arbitrarily according to your needs.

    Toolmate Handheld Router Plane

    Call for pricing

    Ingco Scissor Electrician 145mm

    R59,00 incl VAT
    Ingco Scissor Electrician 145mm

    Ingco Pick & Hook Set 4pce

    R73,00 incl VAT
    4 pieces Pick and Hook Set New design handle.

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