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    Manufacturer: Toolmate

    Toolmate Handheld Router Plane

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    SKU: HT-2403
    Availability: Out of stock
    Manufacturer: Toolmate
    Availability: Out of stock
    SKU: HT-2403
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    Toolmate T-Type Hole Ruler S/S 300MM

    R390,00 incl VAT R515,00 incl VAT
    This multi-functional ruler can scribe horizontal lines, vertical lines, long lines, short lines, parallel lines, and right-angled lines, satisfying your various marking needs. This scale has three different sizes, and they have different shapes. Very fine,precision can to within 0.5mm. The scale is made of stainless steel with good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. It also has anti-rust and acid resistance, and safety and environmental protection.

    Toolmate Miter Gauge Fence For Table saw 450mm

    R1 950,00 incl VAT R2 450,00 incl VAT
    Miter Gauge featuring 27 angle stops for precise incremental control. Large grip for comfort and strength. Tip-resistant washer to keep gauge steady when extended over work surface. The Miter Gauge is with standard miter bar dimensions 3/8" by 3/4" (approximately 9.5mm by 19mm) and 450mm long. It can be used on most table saws and router tables with standard slots. Fit your table saw, band saw, router table, disk sander, or belt sander like a glove that has a 3/8 x 3/4 inch slot.

    Ryder Marking Gauge Maxi 9''/225mm

    R270,00 incl VAT
    Polished wood with hardened Spur and Metal screw. Approximate size: 9 inch (225mm) Ideal for carpenters

    Toolmate Dovetail Marker

    R135,00 incl VAT
    Product Specifications: Made of durable and resistant all-aluminum integrated, high hardness, durable. The inch scale is clear for easy observation, easy to use, and very accurate. Four Specifications: there are specifications on the dovetail gauge, the first two are for softwood, and the last two are for hardwood. Application For: Dovetail gauge is used for panel splicing, crack repair, and right-angle connection.

    Toolmate T- Type Preci W/Work Line Scribeber 760mm

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    Product Specifications: Aluminum alloy material is durable and precise. Straight-edge design for easy handling and marking. Upgraded handle design, comfortable operation, and perfect movement. The gauge is made of high-quality durable material with engraved measurement marks that are not easily removed for visibility and accuracy. Measuring tool, high precision, millimeter precision value, clear reading, convenient and simple to measure.

    Toolmate Marking Wheel European Style

    R430,00 incl VAT R555,00 incl VAT
    Aluminum alloy has strong corrosion resistance, which makes such tools get higher performance With tightening adjustment, such marking tool uses the withdrawal tool to adjust the tightness and replace the cutter head Accuracy: 0-120mm/0-4.72 inches