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    Bosch Angle Grinder GWS 9-115

    R1 400,00 incl VAT
    A 900 W built for tough jobs! Superior grinding/cutting performance due to high power and torque at 900 W Best-in-class hand control due to palm-fit grip size and ergonomic design Long lifetime under tough working conditions and heavy workloads due to robust design and components

    Bosch Angle Grinder GWS11-125

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    Outstanding user protection: the PROtection switch instantly switches the machine off when it is released Excellent control over the tool thanks to the possibility of operating the switch in many different positions Robust and powerful: high-power and high-endurance motors for fast and efficient work progress

    Bosch Angle Grinder GWS2000 230mm

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    Bosch GWS 2000 Professional Performance that meets the reliability, and your budget. Low cost of ownership Longer lifetime of critical parts Reduced tool breakdown time

    Bosch Angle Grinder GWS24-230H

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    Powerful 2400W for the fast working process Lightweight –only 5,2 kg- for better handling and control Restart Protection for superior user protection if the switch is on after a power interruption. All products with restart protection have at the same time soft-start

    Bosch Angle Grinder GWS700 710W 115M

    R670,00 incl VAT
    Powerful and reliable tool for tradesman and woodworkers. This is a small angle grinder that is affordable and reliable. High value for money. Powerful 710 W input power. Maximum safety – comes with burst-proof Guards and 2-motion switch.

    Bosch Concrete Grinder GBR 15 CAG Professional

    R7 250,00 incl VAT
    Powerful concrete grinding in all areas Powerful 1500 W motor for fast work progress even under load. Grinding close to the edge: movable protective guard section enables grinding directly up to the edges of floors, walls and ceilings. Click & Clean dust extraction system for virtually dust-free working; additionally with Click-Ring mount for all connections on the new Bosch M class dust extractors.

    Bosch Marble & Tile Saw GDC140 115mm

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    Powerful and smooth on hard surfaces Powerful for fast cutting: 1400 W power provides fast cutting performance Precise cutting: Low vibration of tool and disc for easy control Extended durability: Robust motor, coupled with strong flange and sturdy bearing

    Bosch Professional Angle Grinder GWS 17-125 CIE

    R3 470,00 incl VAT
    Maximum productivity and the best user protection. Fast work rate due to powerful 1700 watt motor with Constant Electronic Long lifetime due to motors with direct motor cooling, overload protection and long carbon brush lifetime. Leading user protection due to KickBack Control, restart protection, anti-rotation protective guard and vibration reduction

    Bosch Professional Angle Grinder GWS 22-230mm

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    Compact powerful tool for the toughest jobs. Powerful 2200 W Champion motor – for fast work progress. Low weight for optimum handling.

    Bosch Professional Angle Grinder GWS 26-230 B

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    Top performance with Vibration Control. Powerful 2600 W motor with maximum reserves of power for greatest material removal and fastest work progress Auxiliary handle with Vibration Control for fatigue-free working Rotatable bow handle for optimum handling.

    Bosch Professional Angle Grinder GWS19-125

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    Good handling due to slim housing with softgrip surface for a secure hold. Optimised air flow and improved protection against dust. Vibration Control auxiliary handle with 40% vibration reduction for low user fatigue (EN 60745). Soft start and starting current limitation. Gear head can be rotated in 90° steps. Handle can be used on right or left. Large spindle lock button for easy and fast accessory changes.

    Bosch Straight Grinder 500W GGS 5000 Professional

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    The Bosch Straight Grinder GGS 5000 is a Professional Heavy Duty Grinder for all Heavy Duty Jobs.

    Bosch Wall Chaser 65 A GNF

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    Powerful 2400 watt motor Convenient due to starting current limitation and smooth start for more precise working Cutting depth can be set steplessly with a scale

    Ingco Angle Grinder 115mm (750W) AG75018

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    This Ingco Angle Grinder 115mm 750w is rated as a industrial angle grinder. It is a very powerful tool with the disc diameter of 115mm to reach the best cutting point and with No-load speed of 12000rpm perfect choice indeed.

    Ingco Grinder Angle 950W 115mm

    R830,00 incl VAT
    The Ingco AG8508 is a Small but powerful angle grinder that will get you projects done in no time. Perfect choice indeed.

    Ingco Wall Chaser Industrial 1500W

    R2 865,00 incl VAT
    The Ingco Wall Chaser is used for Cutting Narrow Grooves ( Channels ) in Walls, for Laying Electrical Cables.

    Makita Angle Grinder 115mm 9557HNG

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    High-performance motor with enough power for masonry cutting and high heat resistance. Labyrinth construction protects all ball bearings from dust and debris. Small circumference barrel grip for easy handling. Shaft lock for easy wheel changes. Double Insulation. Gear housing can be rotated for convenient cutting. Paddle switch for extra safety. Has enough power for masonry or steel cutting and grinding.

    Makita Angle Grinder 125mm MT M9002B

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    Makita MT (SEMI INDUSTRIAL) range keeps the legendary Makita reliability but at a more affordable price for semi-industrial applications. Semi - Industrial performance and durability at less expense. Double Insulation. 1050w MOTOR.

    Makita Angle Grinder 9558HP 125mm

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    An ergonomically designed paddle lever gives comfort to the fingers. Lock-off button is built in the centre of the paddle lever. Double Insulation.

    Makita Angle Grinder Angle M9507B

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    High-performance semi-industrial machine with enough power for masonry cutting and high heat resistance.

    Makita Angle Grinder GA4530 115mm

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    Small circumference barrel grip and ergonomically designed side grip angle for easy handling. Labyrinth construction protects all ball bearings from dust and debris. High-quality motor with excellent heat resistance. Small gear housing provides easy handling and high maneuverability. Field coated with powder varnish to protect from dust. Double Insulation. Economic 20-degree side grip handle. The safety cover can be adjusted without a spanner or screwdriver

    Makita Angle Grinder GA4534 115mm

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    The Makita Angle Grinder GA4534 is Easy to operate with the paddle switch by the hand gripping the motor housing. It has a small circumference barrel grip and the ergonomically designed side grip is angle for easy handling.

    Makita Angle Grinder GA4540 115mm

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    This Makita Ga4540 is a compact angle grinder that will get the job done with its 1100w powered motor. It is developed with Super Joint System II for effective vibration absorption. The Makita Angle Grinder has an Ergonomically barrel grip for comfort.

    Makita Angle Grinder GA5010 125mm

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    Makita GA5010 has easy-to-grip motor housing. Slim body and high durability. Switch with the easy-to-operate single-finger trigger. Highly dust-proof construction. Rubberized soft grip for more comfort and control. Double Insulation.

    Makita Angle Grinder GA5040 125mm

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    The Makita Angle Grinder GA5040 has a high power anti-dust motor with a re-designed durable gear housing. With the Ergonomically grip it is designed for comfort and the Super Joint System II will absorb the vibration for best performance and comfort.

    Makita Angle Grinder GA7010C 180mm

    R3 420,00 incl VAT
    The two-stage trigger for added safety. Design for reliability with dustproof construction. High-performance 2000W* motor. Constant speed control, current limiter, soft start. Lightweight design at just 4.3kg.

    Makita Angle Grinder GA7020

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    Outstanding durability. - Increased heat resistance. - Superior anti-dust structure. - Machined bevel gear for strength. - Gear housing can be positioned at every 90 degrees. - Soft grip for more comfort and control. - Double Insulation. The tool does not come with depressed centre wheel.

    Makita Angle Grinder GA9010C

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    Compact, lightweight and high power to weight ratio for greater efficiency. - Lightweight body, reducing operator fatigue in continuous use. - Dustproof constructions for extended motor life. - Electronic speed control maintains wheel rotation speed under load for improved productivity. - Electronic current limiter and automatic cut-out brush provides a longer motor life. - Double Insulation, Electronic Speed Control and Soft Start. Tool does not come with depressed centre wheel.

    Makita Angle Grinder GA9020 230mm

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    Outstanding durability Increased heat resistance. Superior anti-dust structure. Machined bevel gear for strength. Gear housing can be positioned at every 90 degrees Double Insulation. Tool does not come with depressed centre wheel. Side handle has 3 different positions.

    Makita Angle Grinder GA9020K 230mm With Case

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    Outstanding durability Increased heat resistance. Superior anti-dust structure. Machined bevel gear for strength. Gear housing can be positioned at every 90 degrees. Double Insulation. Tool does not come with depressed centre wheel. Side handle has 3 different positions.

    Makita Angle Grinder GA9040SK01

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    Superior heavy-duty motor with outstanding durability. Large trigger switch with a lever for lock-off and lock-on. Low vibration rear handle with a soft grip for more comfort and control. A rotatable rear handle can be positioned to suit most cutting and grinding operations. Protects workpiece from scratches. Large rubber tool rest. Double Insulation, Torque Limiter, Soft Start, and Carry Case. The tool does not come with the depressed centre wheel. Torque limiter Protects lock nut from overtightening at startup and in heavy-duty applications. Soft start motor control.

    Makita Angle Grinder GA9050

    Call for pricing
    Most compact in its class. Small and rotatable gear housing. Large trigger switch. Lightweight. Extra slim design with "Deadman's" switch. Double Insulation. Tool does not come with depressed centre wheel. Rotatable gear housing

    Makita Angle Grinder M0921B

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    MAKITA M0921B ANGLE GRINDER is one of the best grinders to get your job done perfect Anti-dust, heavy-duty motor. Colour may vary

    Makita Grinder Variable Speed GA4540C 115mm

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    Super Joint System II developed for effective vibration absorption Electronic current limiter, speed control and soft start Anti-restart function Re-designed durable gear housing Ergonomically best possible barrel grip Variable speed - provides users with ability to obtain superior finishing

    Makita Metal Cutter 4131

    R8 780,00 incl VAT
    185mm metal cutter for cutting steel up to 6mm in thickness. Cold cutting prevents distortion of material. Dust-free, high-speed cutting. Cuts steel with minimal burrs and burns. One-touch dust-box removable. Double Insulation. Cuts sheeting, pipe, angle iron.

    Makita Power Cutter 4114S - Excludes Blade

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    High torque delivered at low motor speed of 3,500r/min. 4114S: Soft start function minimizes the startup shock. - Dust cover protects the operator's hands from flying dust and chips. - Nozzle connectable with a vacuum cleaner for clean operation. SJS - Super Joint System allows the clutch to slip if the blade jams - Double Insulation, Soft Start and Dust Collecting. (Tool does not come with blade)

    Makita Straight Grinder GS5000

    R6 150,00 incl VAT
    Makita GS5000 is a double insulated 125mm straight grinder. Lightweight with a large soft grip to reduce operator's fatigue. The lightweight design was made for lengthy heavy grinding work.

    Makita Variable Speed Grinder GA5040C 125mm

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    Makita Angle Grinder GA5040C was designed for comfort while grinding with its ergonomically barrel grip. This Makita Grinder has a variable speed functions so that you are not limited with your projects.

    Makita Wall Chaser SG1251J 125mm

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    Clean, compact and comfortable. Makita wall chaser offers the most efficient cutting of clean edged grooves for channels. Ergonomically designed handle for comfort. Conveniently located front cover efficiently prevents the dust from spreading, in every cutting depth. SJS - Super Joint System. Double Insulation, Soft Start, Dust Collecting, Constant Speed and Carry Case.

    Makita Wet Cutter 4107R - Excludes Blade

    Call for pricing
    Quick and clean cutting. Waterproof construction. Double Insulation. (Tool does not come with blade) Ideal for use on stone material, such as granite and marble, as well as concrete and asphalt.

    Ingco Angle Grinder 115mm 750W

    R718,00 incl VAT

    Tork Craft Cutting Disc Industrial Metal 230 x 1.8 x 22mm

    R43,50 incl VAT

    Klingspor Grinding Disc 6 x 22.23 x 230mm

    R145,00 incl VAT
    The Kronenflex grinding discs A 24 Extra T are extra hard, highly versatile, and designed for work on metal. This grinding disc has been engineered for perfect results during surface grinding, the challenging task of edge work and the removal of burrs. Good and long service life are among the benefits that distinguish the A 24 Extra T with a depressed center. Klingspor has engineered this product to cater to professional users who wish to produce results that are of unparalleled quality.

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