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    Manufacturer: Toolmate

    Toolmate Clock Second Hand 55mm

    R5,50 incl VAT
    Compatible with SKU: WAYTH70 & WATH70S
    Availability: In stock
    Manufacturer: Toolmate
    Availability: In stock
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    Resin Pipette 3ml

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    Resin Pipette 3ml

    Toolmate Universal Tool Adaptor For Dust Collection

    R68,00 incl VAT
    Flexible plastic adapter can be cut to suit your specific dia. requirements. Internal dia. to suit standard hose sizes. External diameters used to adapt to size required. Made with high-quality ABS plastic for long-term durability and to withstand the abrasive nature of workshop dust collection.

    Weller Micro Torch Hot Blower SH41 4mm

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    Torch, Weller® ML200 Magna-Lite Butane Powered Table Top

    Toolmate Knive Adjustment Set

    R870,00 incl VAT
    Using a micro-adjustable magnet, this jig will help you install new planer blades in perfect alignment with accuracy. The easiest and most efficient way to reset your blades and fits most planer blades. Simplify setting and adjusting knives in a cutter head by stabilizing the knife blade. The system consists of two gauges each within a framework featuring magnets for firmly attaching to a cutter head. Simply place the gauge assembly over the knife and then adjust for the correct knife height. Planer Blade Jig, Magnetic Planer Blade Setting Jig 2 Pack of Set Planer Blade Setter Jig Gauge Setter Wood Jointer Woodworking Tool

    Toolmate 5 Piece Adaptor Set (A100/70/45/40/35)

    Call for pricing
    This Reducer consists of 5 pieces which can be joined and used as a single reducer or split to give a variety of options. The fittings are all tapered so a millimeter each way should be OK to give decent fit. Can be used to reduce from 100mm diameter hose down to: Front Outside Diameter 103 68 45 40 35 Front Inside Diameter 100 64 40 35 28 Rear Outside Diameter 98 96 60 40 35 Recommended for use with Table saw , Bandsaw, Dust collector, Router table etc