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    For more than three decades, Kreg has established itself as a reliable brand in pocket-hole joinery, providing high-quality products for woodworkers at all skill levels. As fellow woodworkers, the company recognizes the significance of the bond between creativity, passion, and craftsmanship in building endeavours. Throughout their 30-year journey, Kreg remains devoted to supplying tools that instil a feeling of achievement in every project. Additionally, their unwavering commitment involves actively supporting and motivating customers throughout their construction process.

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    Kreg 90 Degree Corner Clamp KR KHC-90Dcc

    Call for pricing
    Works on 90° corners and "T" joints 1" maximum capacity Cast aluminum "V" and wedge clamp pads Automaxx® auto-adjust technology

    Kreg Automaxx Bench Clamp System

    R1 285,00 incl VAT
    The Kreg Bench Clamp System with Automaxx makes benchtop clamping fast and foolproof.

    Kreg Automaxx Clamp Face KR KHC3-INT

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    3" reach; clamps materials up to 3" thick (76mm) Ergonomic padded grips prevent hand fatigue Adjusts automatically to match material thickness

    Kreg Bench Clamp Automaxx KR KBC3 3"

    R1 155,00 incl VAT
    Quick, easy benchtop clamping with automatic adjustment These versatile clamps are perfect for creating flush-fitting assemblies with Kreg Joinery, and they're great for project assembly, routing, cutting, sanding, drilling, and more. Bench Clamps work with Clamp Trak and Plates, the Clamp Table, Mobile Project Center, and more to secure workpieces using an extra-large padded clamp face that evenly distributes clamping force.

    Kreg Bench Dogs & Bench Brakes KR KKS1070

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    The Kreg Bench Dog and Bench Brakes is a Squared clamping pad for a secure hold. Great for routing, cutting, and sanding.

    Kreg Clamp Right Angle

    R1 217,50 incl VAT
    Holds pocket-hole joints at 90° during project assembly Automaxx® technology adjusts automatically to material thickness Contoured grips for added comfort

    Kreg Combo Track 48" Kr Kms7448

    Call for pricing
    Can be used to produce woodshop jigs and fixtures Great for creating taper jigs and cut-off sleds Features a T-slot to capture the head of a standard 1/4" (6mm) hex bolt

    Kreg Crown-Pro Crown Moulding KR KMA2800

    Call for pricing
    The Kreg Crown Mouling takes the guesswork out of cutting crown moulding.

    Kreg Deck Jig System KR

    R2 150,00 incl VAT
    Whether you're building a new deck or refinishing an old one; you want to do the job right. With the Kreg Deck Jig and a few simple tools you already own, you can create a beautiful and functional deck surface; completely free of exposed fasteners and painful splinters! Traditional concealed-decking systems utilize awkward steel fasteners or thin plastic clips to hold your deck boards in place.

    Kreg Drill Bit Pin Jig KMA3215 5mm

    R350,00 incl VAT
    The Kreg 5mm high-speed steel drill bit allows you to drill 5mm shelf-pin holes with the Kreg Shelf Pin Jig (Item# KMA3220).

    Kreg Foreman Pocket Hole Electric

    Call for pricing
    The Kreg Foreman is easy to use. One pull of the handle starts the motor, clamps your workpiece, and drills perfect pocket holes for your projects.

    Kreg Full Extension Drawer Jig

    R945,00 incl VAT
    The Kreg Full Extension Drawer Jig is a great tool to have. Quick and easy to use and accurate slide positioning with built-in indexing tabs Secure for holding slides in place as you work

    Kreg Jig Hd KR

    R1 819,00 incl VAT
    Designed with the same tried-and-true efficient design and hardened steel drill guides. If you are framing walls, building deck railings, backyard furniture, fences and benches. The Kreg Jig HD is optimized for working with 2x4’s and larger stock.

    Kreg Jig K4 Master System Kit

    R2 399,00 incl VAT R2 999,00 incl VAT
    The Kreg Jig K4 Kit is a wonderful system for all woodworking enthusiast.

    Kreg K5-Eur Pocket Hole System

    R3 500,00 incl VAT
    The Kreg Jig K5 incorporates the best features of every Kreg Jig that came before, with innovative upgrades Advanced Features for Building with Wood Front-mounted handle makes clamping easy The ratcheting clamp mechanism adjusts without tools