Jet VBS-18MW, 18" Metal/Wood Vertical Bandsaw

Jet VBS-18MW, 18" Metal/Wood Vertical Bandsaw

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The line of JET Metal/Wood Vertical Bandsaws offers machine and fabrication professionals all the power and precision in a package that meets their individual specifications. JET has engineered a gearbox that permits cutting of a great variety of materials.
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Manufacturer: JET TOOLS
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Jet JWBS-18 - a new band saw for professional use. Its main advantage against the background of analogs of past generations is the increased cutting height. This parameter is very important for those who need a universal machine capable of taking over the functions of the divider. A parallel stop is also adapted to such work: the guide profile can be installed vertically on the side face so that the flat blanks can be fixed securely when they are dissolved on thin plates. In general, the design of the side stop is very well developed and meets the most stringent requirements: the profile is rigid and durable, mounted on a massive cast-iron bracket that moves along a cylindrical guide. A rough (manual) and precise (micrometric screw) installation is provided. The desk is cast iron, swiveling segments on which it rests, from the same material. The inclination is made with the help of a gear mechanism by rotating the handle and is possible in both directions (5 ° to the side of the machine and 45 ° from it). For the highest efficiency of dust removal, two 100-mm branch pipes are installed: one under the working surface, the second in the lower part of the body. The mechanism of tension and centering of the tape includes two groups of three-roller guides on ball bearings, a pointer indicator of the level of tension, regulating flywheels, two viewing windows and a lever of rapid tension-loosening. It is not quite usual, since it has not two, but three fixed positions: working (tightly stretched), for storage (the tape is weakened, but kept on pulleys) and service (for changing the web). To improve the smoothness of the work, cast-iron pulleys with a massive body were used, and not in the form of knitted wheels, as before. The JWBS-18 has two speeds that switch by reinstalling the belt. Depending on the type of connection (single or three phase), the model is marked with an additional letter in the name “M” or “T”, respectively. Depending on this change and power. FEATURES: Two saw blade speeds Saw blade guides Three-position lever for quick tensioning and loosening the saw blade Adjustment of an inclination of a saw table rotation of the handle Adjustment of height of sawing up by rotation of the handle Iron casting table Two-position adjustable parallel emphasis with microadjustment Movable angle stop with a guide along the T-shaped groove.


Product Information:

  • Quick-release, precision T-square style rip fence
  • Built-in cutting height scale
  • Extra-large 19" x 19" cast iron table
  • Convenient speed changes with no tools required
  • Ball-bearing guide system reduces friction for longer blade life
  • Lower blade wheel brush and dust collection port
  • Heavy-duty gearbox
  • Roller bearing guides
  • Miter gauge
  • Fence and rail assembly
  • 4" dust chute
  • 3/8" tool steel (SKS2) blade
  • Chip Tray
  • Easy to view blade tracking adjustment window
  • Tension release lever



  • Consumed (output) power 2.4 (1.5) kW
  • Saw blade speed 580 and 900 m / min
  • Saw blade length 3480 mm
  • Saw blade width 3-30 mm
  • Pulley Diameter 470 mm
  • The angle of the desktop -5 ° -0-45 °
  • Maximum workpiece height 306 mm
  • Maximum width of the workpiece (clearance to the frame) 457 mm
  • Sizes of a desktop (DhSh) 508x690 mm
  • The diameter of the exhaust fitting 100 mm
  • Overall dimensions (LxWxH) 865x915x1850 mm
  • Weight 217 kg
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