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    Jenkins Button Shellac Flakes 250g

    R615,50 incl VAT
    This high-quality shellac flakes is an ideal choice for filling and making French polishing. Mostly used for Victorian or Edwardian furniture, this shellac is widely used through the antiques industry, giving an orange tint. The product is suitable for professional and amateur craftsmen to dissolve in Methylated Spirits and apply using a Zorino mop or rubber. It offers reliable results that are long-lasting and durable.

    Jenkins De-Waxed Lemon Shellac Flakes 250g

    R890,44 incl VAT
    Our Jenkins De-Waxed Lemon Shellac Flakes are a superior quality for wood finishing, providing an attractive yellow-orange coloured transparent shellac finish. Our flakes are free from wax, meaning a superior finish that looks professional and offers greater durability. Mixing our flakes with methylated spirits results in a fast-drying finish that resists cracking and fading.

    Jenkins Garnet Shellac Flakes 250g

    R560,33 incl VAT
    This premium, waxy brown, French polish product is perfect for a variety of projects. It is made from the highest quality ingredients, providing a consistent and reliable finish on a range of surfaces. Crafted from specially selected, carefully aged shellac, Jenkins Dark Shellac Flakes produce beautiful lustrous results with 250g per pack.

    Jenkins Super Blonde Shellac Flakes 250g

    R1 088,00 incl VAT
    This top-grade shellac is perfect for crafting timeless French polish finishes. Our Super Blonde Shellac Flakes have been de-waxed to ensure best quality transparency and are recommended for use on all wood types. Our 250g size is ideal for larger projects.