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The 22-44OSC Drum Sander has an exclusive oscillating feature, with the push of a button the 22-44OSC sander can be operated as a simple sander or as an oscillating sander. When operating as a linear sander, the sander drum rotates as the conveyor feeds the workpiece through. When in the oscillating mode, in addition to the linear sanding operation, the sanding drum head oscillates from left to right and lowers heat build-up on the sanding belt to reduce loading and burning. Additional features include a built-in cabinet door for easy access to storage, patented conveyor TRACKERS™ that reduce the need for manual belt adjustments and our SandSmart™ infinitely variable-feed control that produces the ultimate finish to your woodworking project. Oscillating feature reduces heat build-up on sanding belt to reduce loading and burning SandSmart™ infinitely variable-feed control produces the ultimate finish at a rate of up to 10 feet per minute Conveyor belt TRACKERS™ dramatically reduce the need for manual belt adjustments Sealed and permanently lubricated drum ball bearings for longer life 1" of oscillating stroke Precision-flattened reinforced steel conveyor bed and no-give power feed belt provide a constant smooth sanding action for better results Adjustable drum height and downward pressure feature virtually eliminates snipe Large cast-iron handwheel adjusts the height at 1/16" per turn for precise sanding thickness control Abrasive take-up fasteners make changing abrasives quick and easy The magnetic switch is front mounted for operator's convenience One feed and one drive motor for superior sanding control Continuous-duty, 1-3/4HP motor is designed for heavier use for longer periods of time.
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Picture of JET 22-44 PLUS DRUM SANDER


Jet 22-44 Plus is a drum grinder with automatic feeding of the workpiece with a conveyor belt. The main purpose is grinding and calibrating wood products. The rigid design with cast-iron base and bracket bracket provides high accuracy and repeatability, which is especially important in a production line. Since the shaft is fixed on one side, it is possible to grind the wide parts in two passes with a turn. When working with long billets, it is desirable to set the extension of the loading and unloading table (art.982202). All the necessary settings are provided: drum mounting heights (flywheel above) and feed rate (smooth with electronics). The alignment of the conveyor belt is made with special screws and is usually only required after replacement. The main consumable material is an abrasive belt 75 mm wide, it is wound on a drum, the ends are fixed in clamps. As options, an open stand for the machine or a closed pedestal with a transport facilitating device (with wheels and brake) is available. Another mandatory addition should be a highly efficient extraction system, which not only improves working conditions, but also significantly increases the life of the abrasive and the quality of grinding. A wide range of abrasive materials is presented in the catalog.
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Heavy duty machine. 2 cast iron sanding tables. Sturdy cabinet with integrated dust port included. Sands straight edges, curves, circles. The belt can be used in a horizontal, 45 degree, or verticalposition. Sanding table can also swivel in two directions for a compound angle.
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Jet DDS-237 - a powerful professional grinding machine, designed for operation in production. Under the condition of a small material removal, it is suitable for calibrating wood products, glued hollow facades, MDF parts and the like, and they can be immediately glued with film without additional grinding. The design with two shafts allows the use of abrasives with different granularity, that is, in one pass to produce rough and finish polishing. To achieve the best result, precise adjustment of the position of the output shaft relative to the receiving shaft is provided, the height of which is selected depending on the grain size of the abrasive. Adjustment to the height of grinding is carried out independently by lowering the conveyor table. It is placed on four supports and is adjusted to within 0.2 mm across the entire width. In practice, the spread of thickness after grinding on a well-tuned DDS-237 is much smaller. With this precision, the machines can be removed in one pass up to 1.5 mm across the entire width, it is only necessary to select the correct abrasive and feed rate (2 or 3 m / min). The main factor of successful and trouble-free operation of these models is powerful dust extraction and proper selection of grinding belts. FEATURES: 2-stage feed rate adjustment LCD display of the height of the drum position Adjusting the conveyor height (workpiece thickness) with a rotating flywheel Fine adjustment of the height of the second drum Rubberized grinding drums made of aluminum
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