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Lubricants & Cutter Cleaning

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This kit contains all the essential accessories to maximise the life of your router cutters, collets and router. A collet and cutter care kit to increase the life of the cutters and the router collet. The kit includes a mini-diamond sharpening stone, a 60ml can of Trendicote, a 60ml can of Rust Buster, four brass brushes and a cutter care booklet. The Rust Buster can be used to protect cutting tools against rust, frees sticky mechanisms, un-jams and lubricates. The Trendicote dry lubricant is sprayed on the routers cutters to reduce resin and dirt build up. It can also be used on jigs and machine tables to reduce friction. The Diamond stone is ideal for honing router cutters when used with water. A small water bottle is supplied in the kit for this purpose. The four brass brushes have sizes of 1/4", 8mm, 3/8" and 1/2" and are used to clean the inside of the relevant size collet. The brush is used to remove dirt and resin build up in the slots and bore of the collet. Lastly the booklet gives full details on the care, storage and honing of router cutters. 1 x Mini-diamond sharpening stone 1 x Water bottle 4 x Brass brushes 1 x 60ml Trendicote 1 x 60ml Rust buster
R 573,00 incl tax