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Combined Jet Jet JPT-310 is optimal for use in workshops with limited space as a replacement for individual thicknesser and jointer. This model is in demand both by lovers of woodworking and by professionals. In addition to significant work space savings, the JPT-310 also provides cost savings when purchasing. According to the main characteristics and convenience of work, this combined machine is not inferior to individual thicknesser and jointer. Long and massive cast-iron tables create a base sufficient for working with parts up to 2-3 meters long. Concerning the specialized machine, the fence stopper is slightly easier: it is not made of cast iron but of an aluminium profile. On the other hand, these models have a rare advantage: a convenient eccentric height adjustment has not only a feeding but also a receiving table. This is necessary, first of all, when replacing the planer shaft with helical, the cutting inserts of which are not adjustable in height. To move from joining to thicknessing, it is sufficient to raise the upper module consisting of tables and frame and reset the chipper case, the previously made settings do not get knocked off. This design gives advantages both in operation and in servicing the machine. The shaft helical, available for Jet JPT-310 as an option, is widely in demand among professionals. Its main advantages are low noise level at work, clean cutting of knots, no wood breaks, long service life of carbide tetrahedral blades, no need for sharpening and adjustment.
Manufacturer: JET TOOLS
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Manufacturer part number: 10000290M

Possibility to install the helical shaft
Folding table
Eccentric mechanism of a depth adjustment
Possibility to adjust the height of the receiving table
Adjustable fence stop
Adjustable blade guard
Prefabricated tables of cast iron
Planer stop from aluminium profile
A disconnectable drive of feed shafts
Adjusting the planing height of the rotating flywheel

Model JPT-310
Article (230 V) 10000290M
Consumed (output) power 3.5 (2.2) kW
A rotational speed of the planer shaft 5500 rpm
A diameter of planer shaft 70 mm
The size of knives (LxWxT) 310 x 25 x 3.0 mm
Number of knives 3
Maximum workpiece width 307 mm
A diameter of extraction hose 100 mm
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) 1410 x 750 x 1000 mm
The weight 230 kg
Depth of planing in one pass 0-3.0 mm
Dimensions of the planer table (LxW) 1400 x 305 mm
Dimensions of the planer stop (LxW) 1100 x 150 mm
Tilt angle of the parallel stop 0-45 °
Feed speed 7 m / min
Maximum workpiece height 225 mm
Maximum depth of planing in one pass 3,5 mm
Maximum permissible depth of planing in one pass over the whole width 1.5 mm
Minimum length of workpiece 150 mm
Length of thicknessing table 540 mm

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