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Jet JPT-410 - combined machine for planing and thicknessing with a working width of 407 mm. This value is quite large by the standards of professional thicknessing machines, and by the standards of jointing - and is typical for equipment of a higher industrial class. This combination of characteristics makes this model attractive not only from the point of view of saving the working space, but also extending the scope of application. The design of the machine is one of the most successful on the market: the wide use of massive cast iron parts guarantees accurate work without vibration, with the topmounting the top module rises completely and does not interfere with work or chip removal, a powerful three-phase motor ensures high productivity and reliability. Special attention deserves a convenient eccentric mechanism for adjusting the position of the tables, both the supply and the receiving, which is necessary when installing the helical shaft (option). When choosing between two specialized or one combined machine, it should be taken into account that these models are almost as accurate, convenient and efficient as specialized ones, but will require somewhat more frequent servicing of the thicknesser part in case of intensive operation. In the basic version, the JPT-410 is equipped with a three-knife planing shaft, as an alternative, a helical shaft is provided, which is equipped with hard-alloy cutting inserts. It is more reliable and easier to operate (no adjustments are necessary), but due to the consecutive entry of the knives into the workpiece it works quietly and with less vibrations.
Manufacturer: JET TOOLS
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Manufacturer part number: 10000295T

Possibility to install helical shaft
Folding table
Eccentric mechanism of depth adjustment
Possibility to adjust the height of the receiving table
Adjustable fence stop
Adjustable blade guard
Prefabricated tables of cast iron
Planer stop from aluminum profile
Disconnectable drive of feed shafts
Adjusting the planing height of the rotating flywheel

Model JPT-410
Article (400 V) 10000295T
Consumed (output) power 4.5 (3.0) kW
Rotational speed of the planer shaft 5500 rpm
Diameter of planer shaft 70 mm
The size of knives (LxWxT) 410 x 25 x 3.0 mm
Number of knives 3
Maximum workpiece width 407 mm
Diameter of extraction hose 127 mm
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) 1660 x 920 x 1000 mm
The weight 330 kg
Depth of planing in one pass 0-3.0 mm
Dimensions of the planer table (LxW) 1660 x 413 mm
Dimensions of the planer stop (LxW) 1100 x 150 mm
Tilt angle of the parallel stop 0-45 °
Feed speed 7 m / min
Maximum workpiece height 225 mm
Maximum depth of planing in one pass 3,5 mm
Maximum permissible depth of planing in one pass over the whole width 1.5 mm
Minimum length of workpiece 150 mm
Length of thicknessing table 600 mm

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