Chestnut 20ml De-Bonder

Chestnut 20ml De-Bonder

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Accidents will happen, whether you’ve misaligned something you’ve stuck together with superglue or you’ve stuck your hand to the desk! De-Bonder will dissolve superglue to allow the bond to be broken should you need to. You can also use it to clean up uncured spills of glue and remove small areas of cured glue. Over time it will soften larger areas to make cleaning up easier. It will de-bond skin but should not be used on lips or eyes. De-Bonder comes in a small glass jar which has a useful applicator in the lid.
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  • 20ml Glass bottle 
  • Vapour pressure <0.02 kPa @ 20°C
  • Relative density of 1.2 Solubility(ies) Miscible with water. Miscible with the following materials: Acetone. Alcohols.
  • Partition coefficient log Pow: -0.48
  • Auto-ignition temperature 430°C
  • Viscosity 2 cP @ 40°C
  • Explosive properties Not considered to be explosive.
  • Oxidising properties Does not meet the criteria for classification as oxidising.
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Chestnut 500ml Cellulose Sanding Sealer

Good finishing requires a good foundation, and Cellulose Sanding Sealer is probably the best way of providing one. Compatible with everything in the Chestnut Products range that benefits from the use of a sanding sealer (which is pretty much everything apart from oil finishes!) it is superbly universal. The purpose of a sanding sealer is manifold. It seals the open pores of the timber prior to the application of the next coat, meaning that more of it stays on the surface and less of the finish is needed. Not only does this make it economical, when finishing the thinner the applied coat the less likely it is to get damaged, so a sanding sealer will help the topcoats be more resilient. Sanding Sealers also bind the loose fibres of the timber together giving a more solid foundation for the next coat, which helps make sure the final finish is able to adhere properly and thus be more durable. They also include a sanding agent which acts as a lubricant to make the sanding process easier – the sanding agent also stands slightly proud of the surface of the sealer and it is this that is denibbed – the sealer itself should still be intact after sanding. Cellulose Sanding Sealer is very quick drying, usually touch dry in 30 seconds and ready to be sanded within five minutes, making it ideal for a quick, easy yet professional base for your finishing.
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