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Accurate laser measuring with five different operating modes. Do you want to lay tiles but you’re not sure you’ll be able to do it with the necessary precision? Do you want to hang a new light fixture exactly above the centre of a table without having to make complicated measurements? Would you like to hang a picture gallery along your stairwell wall? You can accomplish all of these tasks with ease with the help of the Bosch PCL 20 Cross Line Laser Level. The Bosch PCL 20 makes complicated alignment of objects a thing of the past. Levelling work can be completed quickly and precisely thanks to state-of-the-art laser technology and extremely easy operation. With the PCL 20 you can position objects in a perfectly straight line, even in difficult situations. This clever laser instrument ensures accurate alignment because of its self-levelling function. It gives you perfect vertical and horizontal lines every time.
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Manufacturer: Bosch
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Manufacturer part number: PCL 20

Features of the PCL 20 Cross Line Laser Level
The PCL 20 Cross Line Laser Level is a versatile assistant for do-it-yourselfers. It offers five different operating modes: horizontal, vertical or inclined lines, as well as crossed lines and plumb point transfer. The user sets the desired mode by gently pressing the control panel. Many tasks can be performed easily with the PCL 20: whether hanging pictures, fitting shelves, laying tiles or painting interior walls, the laser lines enable exact alignment without using solid objects like rulers. The high-quality laser projects very clearly visible laser lines up to ten metres with an astonishing maximum accuracy of 0.5 millimetres per metre.


Features of the PLR 25
Operating modes of the PCL 20 View larger
Making levelling easy

Features of the PCL 20 Cross Line Laser Level
The PCL 20 levels itself in four seconds on average (with an initial incline of no more than four degrees). A luminous LED gives the “green light” when the automatic levelling process is finished, letting you know the tool is ready for operation. If the LED lights up red, the tool has to be readjusted manually. In this case, the laser beam is automatically switched off to prevent errors.


The PCL 20 is extremely easy to operate.
The ergonomic on/off switch on the side of the tool is easily accessible. When it’s switched off, the laser pendulum is automatically locked for safe transportation. Softgrip coverings on the housing ensure safe and convenient handling. The PCL 20 weighs only 600 grams and its optical components are protected by a glass plate.


Features of the PCL 20 View larger
Mode settings of the PCL 20 View larger The control panel for mode setting displays the operating mode by means of an LED light. The mode setting is used to select any of the laser functions: cross lines, horizontal and vertical single lines. The additional plumb function transfers a point from the floor to the ceiling. This function is, for example, ideal for installing light fixtures on ceilings.


Key Features:

  • Automatic self-levelling in a few seconds--exact, fast working without manual alignment
  • High-quality, bright laser diodes for particularly clearly visible laser lines
  • Cross lines, single horizontal or vertical line, inclined line and plumb function for transferring a point from the floor to the ceiling
  • Large working range up to 20 m
  • Easy and intuitive operation
  • Integrated ¼ inch thread--fits all conventional tripods
  • Softgrip for a better and more comfortable hold
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